Rev9 Compatible With Volkswagen Jetta(A5) 2006-14 Hyper-Street 3 Coilovers w/ Inverted Shocks, Performance Lowering Kit

Code: R9-INV-033_7
  • Compatible with Volkswagen Jetta(A5) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014(54 mm Front Axle Clamp); Front – Inverted Shocks/Rear – Traditional Upright Shocks
  • Mono-Tube Shocks With 32 Damping Force Adjustable Allows Custom Ride Experience Over Uneven Roads
  • More Ride Comfort Than Traditional Coilovers And Lowering Springs
  • Independent Spring Travel And Ride Height Settings To Separate Ride Height And Overall Stiffness
  • No Installation Instructions; Install By Experienced Professionals Recommended

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California Warning: Product Contains "Nickle" That Know To Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Hyper-Street 3 Coil-over Lowering Kit compatible with Volkswagen Jetta(A5) 2006-14 features “Inverted” mono-tube shocks for superior piston strength to enhance overall ride comfort on lowered vehicles compares to traditional upright shocks. Featuring 32 damping force adjust-ability to provide user to customize ride experience when driving over bumpy roads. Utilized lightweight aluminum hardware wheres applicable to reduce overall weight without compromise rigidity, with extra thick top plate to prevent warping over time. Also, depends on vehicle chassis clearance, pillow ball camber plate are available as added bonus. You can ensure you are getting the best option to lower your vehicle without sacrificing comfort too much yet improves overall handling driving experience.

  • Inverted Mono-Tube Shocks With 32 Damping Force Adjustable.
  • Larger Capacity of Oil Improves Damping Force Stability.
  • Low Repulsive Force To Improve Ride Comfort On Lowered Vehicles.
  • Full Length Strut Adjustment – Lowers The Car Without Shorten Spring Travel.
  • Pillow Ball Top Mount Available Wheres Applicable.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Hardware Are Utilized To Reduce Overall Weight
*Front Shocks – Inverted
*Rear Shocks – Traditional Upright

Rev9 offers a 1 Year Warranty from date of purchase when purchased from an Authorized Dealer such as Aresmotorsports. Rev9 requires proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.

SPRING RATE(FRONT) 8 kg/mm (448 lbs/inch)
SPRING RATE(REAR) 6 kg/mm (336 lbs/inch)
Spring Length(Front) 180 mm
Spring Length(Rear) 180 mm
Camber Plate(Front) Yes, With Pillow Ball
Camber Plate(Rear) No
Spring Inner Diameter(Front) 62 mm (2.44 inch)
Spring Inner Diameter(Rear) 62 mm (2.44 inch)

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 9 in


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